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Expertise & commitment to quality

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About Us

Big Bamboo Records  

Is a professional recording studio located on a picturesque unique bamboo farm in the Taranaki countryside just minutes from New Plymouth .

This is  a premium  studio , with the capacity to deliver an array of recording options.

Purpose designed , the studio provides the optimal environment for capturing sound with authenticity and accuracy.

Natural light, amazing pro gear, acoustically designed rooms ,combining modern digital recording equipment with classic vintage gear creates the perfect audio-chain for top-quality pro tracking and mixing.

From singer-songwriters to voice over work, full bands to solo instrumentalists, the studio is flexible enough to to provide a diverse range of recording solutions.

Our sonic difference lies in our professional recording chain featuring great microphones , high-end preamps ,the vintage Amek /Neve console and ,of course our experience & passion.


We treat every project with skill and care. It is our policy produce industry standard recordings  and deliver nothing but our best to our clientele.

 We are happy to meet with you for a  discussion of your project needs. In this way we can tailor the perfect solution both for small & larger projects.

If you’re a professional vocalist, singer song writer or a band, then you will understand the importance of getting the right vocal or instrument sound on your mix.

When it comes to professional recording , there’s no need to leave the province to  get a world class production at a great rate .

The bamboo farm studio

A unique balance


modern digital technology

great analog equipment

secluded natural beauty

Situated out of the city, yet with the convenience of town, the studio offers privacy ,great analogue & digital recording equipment coupled with our engineering & production skills .

No parking problems here.

There is plenty of space .

You will be treated in  professional but relaxed atmosphere where the focus is off the clock & centred on creativity & our passion to achieve your very best .


Taranaki's Studio for Professional Music Recording

We have endeavored to strike the right balance between old-school analogue art of recording audio, and modern ‘In-the box’ approach to producing  music.

We have some of the coolest old microphones, preamplifiers & audio compressors , mixed with very fast computing & software plug-ins.


We understand that when it comes to the Recording studio, it’s all about embracing new technology but never forgetting the old methods.

After all, in the world of music, the recording studio needs to be treated like a musical instrument that allows artists to express themselves freely.

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