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 Brian Hatcher

Engineer : producer:  guitar virtuoso:  songwriter :composer: recording artist: perfectionist           


Brian is the principal engineer/producer for the studio.

He has an uncanny musical ear, an eye for talent & the utmost passion to develop the best out of any recording artist.

he has developed a solid reputation for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to creating the ultimate mix for your project. 

Brian is well known to the music community in Taranaki.

He has toured extensively throughout New Zealand & internationally with many prominent recording artists.

He has also worked with Paris based international musician composer and renown producer Jean Alain Roussel.

He is available for additional  guitars,bass : 


Call and  speak with him about your project or  book a free  studio consultation

 Matthew Allen 

Technician: Engineer: lead medic: songwriter :Chief headshrinker   Pedal Steel  tinkerer


Matthew built the studio in 1996 to forfill  a lifelong passion to develop a superb recording space to support Taranaki musicians.


With a strong passion for all things analog ,his flare is the technical area of the studio .He is responsible for organizing & upgrading facilities, ensuring the studio runs smoothly and supporting the artists who enjoy the facility.

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