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Music mastering

Mastering is the process of preparing a mix for commercial release and Is an art & a very specialized service ,

Mastering adds the final polish to your mix. Nowadays, a typical music fan will listen to their favourite songs in an ever-widening variety of situations – at home on the stereo, on the radio, in the car, online through tiny laptop speakers, in headphones of all types of different quality, even on vinyl.

The role of mastering in the process of production is frequently misunderstood, and underestimated.


 The final audio processing may include things like limiting, compression, equalisation and making sure the elements of the mix are sitting appropriately within the stereo field.

These things are often addressed in the mix stage, yet mastering allows for a fresh approach to these parameters which means substantial improvements to the mix can be made. In addition to this, the mastering engineer’s role is to maintain a balance and coherence across multiple songs within an a collection of tracks.

While there are  plenty of plug ins & on line mastering programs avail;able ,we believe professional mastering is essential  to release the full sonic clarity of your production.

we do not provide mastering on site but we use the amazing services of Mike McCarthy at Auckland's Manuka Studios!

He has  been helping artists achieve their musical dreams for 27 years – both here in New Zealand and overseas.  

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