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Preproduction + Recording 


With the right pre-production and production, your songs can really mature . 

Sound recording is a fascinating combination of art and science.

Those with experience will tell you that recording drum kits can be a challenge. There are many factors that must be considered when using multiple microphones in such close proximity (phase cancellation being of primary concern).

BBR  has the capacity in room size, microphone versatility and expertise to record drums to meet the artist’s requirements. The large live space, is a supremely acoustically treated room, that allows for maximum flexibility in mic placement.


It is important to understand the differences between engineering & music production .

Brian will discuss with you whether he will provide engineering alone or act as your producer aswell helping to shape your songs rather than just recording them . We are happy of course for you to provide your own producer .



Bands,solo artists,all genres. We are open minded enough to either aim for organic style recordings or to aim entirely on a certain market and sound. 


Production takes planning  and if you choose us to take care of your project you will have a full understanding of your  production and an honest idea of costs and how the final product might sound before you get started.


It comes down to the right song choices, great performance energy during tracking and careful planning when choosing the style and flavour of your production.


Production Packages

We always recommend a visit   to the studio before locking in dates.


This gives us a chance to talk about how best to capture your sound, under the given time line and budget, especially if you have any extra requirements, eg. studio musician hire, gear hire, booking times etc.


Through careful consideration  we have a few set packages we usually recommend for bands.



Audio Editing ,Mixing + production


Generally we mix both in the box and on the neve amek console with our vintage outboard gear .

Mixing down music is separate to recording or mastering.


 Although our recording packages include mixing, you might have recorded your project at home, and now want to opt in for a professional mix down.


Mixing is charged by the hour, but can be quoted within a package to keep costs down.

The best thing to do is to enquire, and send us a copy of your recording in its current form.


Our production and mixing techniques will depend on  your required outcome .

No two bands sound the same and our aim is to ensure that you sound the best you can; limited only by your own performance.  


Editing involves cutting and arranging parts of the recording .


Mixing is adjusting the levels and eqs of the tracks to get everything to sit in the mix .  


Our rates are competitive

The studio also has access to a versatile number of session musicians to help bring your song to life. 


Please  call Brian on 0210492574  with any questions.  

or email us at

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