• Matthew Allen

The Amek Neve Console 56

Trully worthy of the Rubert Neve Name !

Our Amek recall 56 console was purchased in 2016 and spent most of its life in The USA as a console for a large church .After purchase it lay dormant in the studio for 2 years before we had the time and money to refurbish it.This one is a 56 input .

It is very old school but its awesome and is the very heart of the BBR sound.

The console was originally designed by Rupert Neve in conjunction with Grahm Langley for Amek in the mid 1990’s and is one of best FPH large format console of its time.

One of the cool features about the recall is the way a mixer can contour the EQ to get an old fat warm vintage Neve type sound or a completely modern surgical narrow Q. We use it for tracking for its great preamps and record directly into the latest premiere Motu AVS Digital recording platform.


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