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The dreaded click track 4 biggest reasons why !

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Sounds simple . your engineer wants you to play in time ...many cannot!.

Prepare to use a click

Though it doesn’t apply to all styles of music a click track — a.k.a. a very simple percussion track that keeps a steady beat for reference and is later removed — is an essential tool..

“If you track to a click, you will likely save time and, therefore, money, when you get into the studio,” says Matthew . “Using a click allows the engineer to edit faster and to drop you in right where you want to be in the track.”

1. Play Tighter Together

Yes, your drummer may have great timing, but how is everyone else in the band’s timing?

A click track is going to keep everyone on the same timing. It’s natural for musicians to want to speed up or slow down. When a musician drags, you’re dragging the drummer along with you.

2. Play At The Exact Correct Tempo

Think how many times you have started a song too fast, too slow, without a click track.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to immediately transition from one song at a certain tempo into another, with a completely different tempo, and be exactly correct. That’s a lot of unnecessary pressure on a drummer. Use a click track. It’s your safety blanket.

Want to record five guitar takes and piece together the best parts of each, or record your vocals and guitar in one session and then overdub your drums a week later? Using a click to keep your beat steady makes both scenarios immensely easier.

3. Build Your Internal Clock

In music, timing is everything. The more you play with a click, the better your internal clock becomes, and the less you actually need it. 

If you’re not used to playing to a click track and predict that you’ll want to use one in the studio, be sure to practice ahead of time. Most have never tried this and Are surprised how variable their own sense of timing is.

4. Implement Tracks

If you’ve ever wanted to implement tracks (strings, synths, percussion) into your band, you have to learn to play with a click. The click track keeps your band in time with the musical tracks.

We may think we already have great timing, but many of us don’t realize how poor our timing really is until we play with a click track. The click track places a very unforgiving magnifying glass on our timing issues. This is the only way to get better.

I encourage everyone to start practicing with a click track, after you practice with it long enough, you will start to not even notice it’s there.

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