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  • Matthew Allen

Why those guys dont have a Vocal Booth

We are asked why no vocal booth at BBR .

Yes, you sometimes see vocal booths in TV and movies, but it’s a vestigial part of older studios that were designed to rec

ord live bands together with live vocalists; this was to prevent the band bleeding into the vocals, not for the quality of sound you get from a booth.

Well ,we had one but its now a guitar cap isolation booth …much more useful!!

These days they are redundant in many studios like ours as our country setting is very quiet and we get better results with move-able isolation panels .

Also we find our singers does not feel trapped into a little black hole with a bad smell, and first and foremost, this way, the communication between producer and artist is much better.

Don’t under estimate the factor of a good vibe and good communication during the session. Our Recording chain involves great natural room reverbs or dry depending on the music style, a good pop filter and reflection screen ,a selection of great vocal mics and of course the Millennia preamps and the neve channels

Open spaces, near field mic-ing and a good engineer’s ear at the console makes a great vocal take before any plug ins .

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