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Recording Prices and Packages

Whether you are a solo artist wanting a quality recording

or a band doing a whole album ,we have a variety of competitive packages .

There are many factors to take into account when putting together a budget for your session.


Different styles, instrumentation, production issues, the use of engineers time & post tracking mixing all influence the time frame and overall cost of a recording.

We recommend a visit the studio before locking in dates.This gives us a chance to talk about how best to capture your sound, under a given time line & budget.


We can quote for a specific job, which gives us the chance to adjust ongoing rates towards your budget & specific requrements .

Brian Hatcher

Typical rates ( gst exclusive)

Hourly Rate :      $50 per hr 

Day rate :            $400 (10hrs)  

Weekend rate  :$800 (20 hrs)  with free Friday night set up 

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