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Voice Over & Vocal Recording for music 

Voice over work is often overlooked . 

 We understand all the scenarios that voice over is required and we understand that all these areas of voice over do not necessarily sound the same.


They often require subtle differences that make all the difference to the listener and how well the message is communicated. Differences like: do we leave the breaths in? How much do we compress the voice? 

There are more technical aspects to recording the spoken voice. For example, the skill of knowing what microphone to pair up with what voice and the positioning of the microphone . 

We  know how to work with the client and the talent to achieve the right result, within budget, and in the necessary time frame.


Voice Over is some of the work that we  but a lot is also recording the voice for music. 

Music requires a whole different approach to recording the voice. The singing vocal has a different range of dynamic. The engineer needs to take into account  and the array of microphones that are used for singing .

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